CambridgeSoft ENotebook 12.02

CambridgeSoft ENotebook 12.02

E-Notebook Ultra electronically organizes information
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The Enotebook 11.0 is a software suite of programs designed to meet the needs of chemists and scientists by providing them with an electronic notebook that not only replaces their paper laboratory notebook but incorporates MS Excel and Word, ChemDraw reactions, stoichiometry grids and spectral data as well as offering them all the programs they could need in relation to organizing information, lab notes, organize projects, experiments and select from a preloaded list of reagents to include in their draw up of reactions. The suite includes ChemDraw std 11.0, Chem3D Std 11.0, ChemFinder Std 11.0, ChemDraw and Chem3D Active X Pro plug-ins as well as the ChemIndex databases.

This suite of applications provides solutions to the challenges of busy laboratory work by featuring especially configured programs to deal with day-to-day requirements such as Audit Trail, for example. Audit Trail will retain a complete copy of any experiments for each save including the username and timestamp and AutoText will share prewritten protocols that dynamically add data from these experiments. Enotebook combines all the users notebooks into one allowing them to organize multiple projects the way they want. With the ChemDraw program included in the Enotebook suite, users can tackle stoichiometric calculations that are long and tedious by having them performed for them dependant upon the drawn reaction and entered parameters. Having Enotebook Ultra 11 in their laboratories provides scientists with the benefit of having all their information, reaction details, tables and measurements, available in one place without having to retype them if they need them.

Fully searchable by structure and text, scientists can use this suite of programs to collect all the information they need quickly with the user friendly interface and organize it the best way for purpose, say for example, for a lecture, then save it to a jump drive to take with them. The advantage of paper notebooks and journals is that they are portable but losing them can be a disaster. With the electronic notebook, there is an added benefit that all the work taken out of the laboratory is still safely stored in the laboratory.

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  • Structures drag+drop from Word to 3D


  • Short trial period


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